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Facade Engineering University - Building Enclosure Seminars at FAU

Please kindly note that the seminars are no longer continued in 2012. The information below will be updated/removed once we find some time...
Responding to the popular demand, Kaz will give a series of seminars on design and engineering building enclosure intended for education of building enclosure consultants, architects, and engineers.

The lectures focus on areas typically overlooked by them in process of building envelope design and construction. The topics are chosen on basis of observations derived from both forensic investigations of failed assemblies and peer reviews of architectural documentation. The lectures are continually developed and updated as the author remains active in the field and adds new stories or replace the old ones in constant pursuit to better clarify the subject. Each lecture is intended as a discussion as opposed to a monologue. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and explore their respective areas of interest even at the risk of a lecture wandering off the main topic.

See the description and testimonials.

About the Speaker and Author

Author and speaker: Mr. Karol Kazmierczak (Kaz) M.Sc. is a building science architect with 15 years of façade engineering experience diversified among building enclosure technical design, consulting, construction inspections, and field investigations.

Kaz is a Northerner, but he has taken a crash course investigating hurricane damage after the 2005 season, could not understand insurance adjusting so he became a licensed adjuster, and, most importantly, founded the Building Enclosure Council in Miami, the only council covering Hot and Humid climate frequented by hurricanes. Therefore, he has been exposed to questions coming from designers and contractors regarding the specifics of this climate that apply to building enclosure design. He was eventually asked to deliver a presentation to one of the largest architectural firms in the country designing two large hospital complexes in New Orleans, LA. This is how this seminar was born. 

The video clip below shows Kaz speaking about Priniciples of Building Enclosure Design (Facade Engineering) , addressing the Building Enclosure Council (BEC) Atlanta in ASHRAE National Headquarters Building in Atlanta on 02/10/2011:


How to Get the Most out of Your Seminar.

The seminars in this series are adjusted for the average architectural audience. However, we strongly suggest that you prepare yourself to the seminar ahead of time. One of the recent attendants commented "It's like taking a sip from a fire hose," and he is a principal of a large forensic building science consultancy, not the average "civilian" architect.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with both Kaz's publications and the list of suggested reading. We also ask our participants to bring their details and specifications, so we can discuss them during our workshop. Bring Your Questions!

Early Bird Registration only $25 by the end of the month, then $45.

Time: The seminars start at 1pm and end at 4pm. A one-hour workshop will follow the lecture, with practical demonstrations showing how to solve architectural details submitted by the audience, on basis of principles discussed during the lecture. Don't forget to bring you details and questions with you! We plan on having one seminar a month, every third Saturday morning. 

Webinar: Please contact us ahead of time to arrange for the webinar link for out-of-towners.

STUDENTS AND EDUCATORS: FREE ATTENDANCE.  If you are a full-time student in a related discipline, please send a scan of your ID to the  to receive a complimentary pass. You will still need to pay for the parking if you plan to bring your car.  Please, kindly forward this invite to your friends.

CEU: 4 LU for registered architects.

Cost (both physical and webinar participants):
-the walk-ins will be charged $65 at the door,
-the normal registration costs $45 per person
-the early bird registration (by the end of the previous month) costs $25 per person

Please note that parking on site costs $2 per car, which needs to be paid in advance at the time of registration in order to issue the badge, which you would need to post conspicously in your parked vehicle. Otherwise, you would need to park your vehicle away from the FAU premises or to carpool.

Early bird registration: till the end of a month preceding the event.

Below is the link to Paypal site, where you can also pay with your credit card:


RSVP: If the above pyment link does not work for you, please kindly email with your contact information, and we will contact you with payment information.

Warning: The number of seats is  limited. We reserve the right to refuse registration to any individual or to cancel the event altogether.  In both cases we would issue a full refund.

Location: The seminars will take place at the Davie Campus of Florida Atlantic University (FAU). near 3200 College Ave, Davie, FL 33314. See also the campus map at the bottom of this page. This is a brand new, state-of-the-art educational facility designed by Leo A Daly. A picture of the building is posted below. Parking lot is located on the west side. Signs will be posted with directions.

fau davie west

Map of the FAU Davie Campus- click to enlarge:

FAU map

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See the interactive calendar below:


Building Enclosure Consulting LLC - tel. (305) 600 0516 (Miami)



principles04/23/2011 -Facade Engineering University - "The Principles of Facade Design"

The first seminar will be "The Principles of Facade Design." The lecture discusses design and engineering of building enclosures. Primary façade design principles are classified and demonstrated with emphasis on a structural safety and a holistic approach. Contents include: Classification of Façade Functions, Definitions, Environmental Protection, Ergonomics, Access Provisions, Feasibility, General Explanation of Façade Design Principles, Structural Resistance, Waterproofing, Condensation Control, Snow and Icing, Thermal Insulation, Shading, Durability, Wildlife Proofing, Flood Proofing, Noise Mitigation, Security, Dirt Build-up Prevention, Fire and Smoke Proofing, Economy, and Sources of Information.
Also, see the fragment recorded in Atlanta, GA on YouTube.

hot06/18/2011 -Facade Engineering University - "Hot and Humid Climate and Hurricane considerations in Building Enclosure Design"

What are two methods of floodproofing the design? What is more dangerous: hurricane wind, flood, or windborne debris impact? What are the questions insurance adjusters ask? What is the most overlooked performance aspect in roofing design in windborne debris regions? Is it true that a straw carried by a wind can pierce a trunk? Is an open door or window rated for wind? Do Interior assemblies need to be rated for hurricane wind pressure? What are the biggest overlooked challenges of post-hurricane recovery in design choice of facade materials and systems? How your design may cause a mysterious rain fall in a middle of a building without a breach in building enclosure? Would an addition of thermal insulation alone wreak a havoc of an otherwise sound building? Where a vapor retarder should be located if at all? Where NOT to locate thermal insulation? What old architectural details would not work with new code requirements and new materials any more? Those and other questions will be answered in the course of this 3-hour long seminar.

The lecture presents non-obvious aspects of building enclosure design in hot and humid climates frequented by hurricanes. It discusses typical hazards and perils such as: flood, posthurricane scarcities, sun, rain, humidity, temperature, wildlife, wind, windborne debris, and cultural challenges. The lectures focus on aspects typically requested most often by foreign architects in process of building envelope design in the Gulf and Caribbean region. It presents these aspects through the eyes of an architectural consultant experienced in both façade engineering and forensic investigations of building enclosures.

Also, see the fragment recorded in Miami, FL on YouTube.

curtain walls08/18/2011 -Facade Engineering University - "Curtain Walls"

slopedFacade Engineering University - "Sloped Glazing"

glassFacade Engineering University - "Façade Engineering With Glass"

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